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sin título on Flickr.


    sin título on Flickr.

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Night with bae em We Heart It.


    Night with bae em We Heart It.

  8. "God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts."

    ― Sylvia Plath (via theworldismadeofwords)

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    Arizona Ephemera c.1950s-60s (via)

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  12. park it
    July 24, 2014

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    Cape Romano Dome House

    "Built in 1981 on the southern tip of Marco Island, the Dome House is an igloo-like concrete complex made up of white dome chambers, now decaying and slipping slowly into the ocean. Many know about it’s whereabouts but it’s origins were up to debate; from alien to secret cults. In truth, it was built by a retired oil producer and inventor… The structures remain there to this day but are so far from the shore due to changing shoreline, that any attempt at saving them has probably long been lost.” [via]

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